Thursday, January 21, 2010

Mr. Obvious... Is that YOU I'm lusting after??

Although my design style is ever evolving (especially now ~ thanks to my realization here), one thing has always been consistent... my dislike for Mr. Obvious.

You've met him before.  He's the room that takes a theme WAY to far.  You know what I'm talking about. That study that houses tons of books (kind of it's job), but then goes on to cover the remaining walls with a bunch of pictures of books and has a book-printed upholstered sofa and images of books on the lampshade... you get the picture.  Or that sports theme room that went insanely overboard.  We've ALL seen those!

You see, although some designers may be able to pull off the 'theme room' really well, it's just never been my cup of tea.  Instead, I'll try to 'imply' a theme without putting it all out there.  Kinda like how all of the girly magazines used to tell us to show a little without giving the whole package away.  Anyhoo... I like to try implying the style through less-obvious accessories.

Like this ladder in our library:

We found it at an antique store outside Sydney and used it as our 'bookcase' while we lived in Australia. It now hangs on our wall below our built-ins.  I just love the sentiment and story behind it and it says 'library' to us without being too overt.

Or these photos in our kitchen:

Wagamama... Our favorite casual eatery in Oz.  Oh how I miss you Waga.

Two of our faves:  St. Elmos in Indy, where we held our 'Meet the Family' dinner during our wedding weekend.  Bond 45 in NYC, eat there every time we're in the city.  LOVE it.

We chose pics that we had taken of our favorite restaurants with fabulous memories, instead of store-bought pics of grapes or apples or something along those lines.

At least in all of my design uncertainty, I know what I don't like.... or do I??  My sister sent me a text this morning telling me how much she loved these pillows that she had seen online.  So, running to my laptop I went; googled the store; searched the product name and BAM.  There it was... Mr. Obvious, staring back at me.  After a few moments of shifty eyes and uncomfortable 'looks', I soon realized that my normal reaction (of instant nausea) just wasn't happening.  But what in the world was happening inside me??  Is that... is that you Mr. Lust??  Shit it is!

Now, I'm a super happily married gal, but... can ya blame me?  How can you not lust after this Mr. Obvious?

Pillows available from Ballard Designs, ranging from $49-$75.  Jute/cotton fabric with poly-fill insert included.

Ok, so the popcorn pillow is a little too obvious for me.  But check out the movie ticket and film reel... kinda hot aren't they!  After several minutes of back and forth, I couldn't keep myself from picturing those two pillows in our media room.  That is, until I got another text from my sis and realized that she had meant she loved them... for her.  Darn!  Hmmmm... maybe she'll trade the pillows for Mr. Lobster.  (She's been trying to steal him for years.  You can meet him here.)

So, what's your take on Mr. Obvious (in general)?  Is he your type? 

P.S.  A sign maybe??  I picked up a catalog last night that I had been sitting untouched for about a week now.  I looked at the title and it was... Ballard Design!  I had never heard of them or received a catalog before.  Two introductions in one day... kinda weird, huh?  Anyhoo... I'm thinking of ordering a foot stool from their catalog, but clearly haven't ever shopped with them before.  Does anyone know about the quality of their goods?  Would love to get a feel before ordering anything.

Thanks for letting me share my lust!



  1. Hey Joanna - goodness youre fricken hilarious!

    Anyway I think I like mr. obvious to a point, but definitely not to the extent that some people go. Also, I'm pretty sure I don't have enough design sense to be aware of how much some of my items are too obvious.

    I remember planning to put up pics of green peas & various fruits in my kitchen & somehow never got around to it lmao...

    But I refuse to put up pics that don't have any significant meaning for me. I guess thats why the green pea just didn't cut it for me :P

  2. Can I say I hate a theme room loud enough!!!!! Even children's and babies rooms, NO THEMES PLEASE! Great post, glad your comment brought me here.