Tuesday, January 5, 2010

Chandeliers in the Sky... HERE I COME!

Only one street can line their medians with chandeliers... and it not be a total shocker.   

Yep, you guessed it...

I took these photos on my first trip to Rodeo... and stood out like a complete tourist, but no shame here!  I mean, miss a photo op of those chandeliers for the sake of preserving the cool factor?  No way!

Fortunately (or unfortunately), the excitement wore off before my second trip to see the stars... so, the hotel kept the camera and I kept my dignity.

Well, today I'm flying out and heading back rubbernecker style!  Camera in hand, tomorrow I'll be hitting the stores (ok, maybe won't be pulling out the cam in-store but at least the street!) 'tourist' style.  Wait!  What's that... click!  Ahhhh... the crazy things we do for our blogs :)

Another 1st trip pic... Told ya, I was a total tourist!  Ha ha!

The stocking surprise from my hubby was a shopping trip down Rodeo.  Not too bad a gift-giver, eh?  So I was thinking... it would be even more fun if I brought you all along for the strut!  Anything in particular that you wanna see?

Check back for my next post... full of cool pics and hopefully some even cooler purchases.  Don't fret... I'll be sure to include a little swanky architecture and design for us to fantasize about... Who knows, maybe I'll even get some key inspiration for my living room remodel! (More on that to come later this week :)

So excited to bring you along!
~ Joanna

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  1. I want to see the Anderton Court Shops. The original design was by the Architect Frank Lloyd Wright. I think it has changed from his original design but the triangular tower and spiral ramp should still be there!

    Then the "Pretty Woman" hotel!!! The Regent Beverly Wilshire hotel~ maybe you will see Richard Gere :)

    For fun take an "I was there" photo, just below the Via Rodeo sign. It looks like a movie set!