Friday, January 1, 2010

'About Me' ~ A New Year, A New Me

A new year, full of reflection and resolutions has gotten me pondering... Who am I?  Up until now I've been a cute little tufted green chair, watched over by this saucy black chandelier.  For some reason, the 'about me' was a little too much when I started this blog a month ago.  Perhaps it was too definite, too permanent.  Or maybe it was way too small of a space.  I mean really, 30 years of what makes me me wrapped up into this tiny little 'about me' box?  No wonder it felt like such a daunting task!

Well... Today just seems like the perfect day...  Meet me.

Hubby and I heading to St. Elmo's in Indianapolis, my hometown.

The velvety green chair is finally bursting at the seams to open up and say hello.  I'm Joanna.  A one-time big city working gal who has recently gone ~ dragging my patent and suede stilettos all the way ~ to being a stay-at-home wife in suburbia.  Before we moved to Texas a year ago, we were living in Sydney and I was working on my next big promotion at Gucci.

Me during a visit to the new 5th Avenue Gucci.

Life was good.  City living meant a host of bistros and restaurants only steps away from home... concerts and jazz festivals... a short ferry ride away from beautiful beaches... a trip to the santuary for kangaroos.  But most memorable... it meant work.  You see, over the past year I've missed a lot of aspects of our city living days but, interestingly enough, I've found that what I miss most is work.  I've worked as long as I can remember.  With a house of seven people and one teeny-tiny bathroom, it was pretty easy to catch the working bug growing up.

Feeding the roos on a trip with my sis to Queensland.

This past year has been a roller coaster of personal acceptance.  On one hand, who is that lucky girl in the mirror?  No alarm clock ringing in her ear, no boss that she has to woo... Instead, a wonderful new home and nine months of pool weather a year.

But wait a minute, who IS this girl in the mirror??   A girl who always loved to work... the sense of accomplishment that came with each promotion... the personal significance that accompanied the 'task' of dressing the likes of celebrities like Elton John and Jason Statham.  Without strategic planning and profit goals and organizing VIP client events... who is she now?

With old friends at my final Gucci party.

Although sometimes a little distorted, the mirror is starting to reflect this 'other woman' more and more every day... this woman who was actually wanting a sewing machine for Christmas... who almost traded in her Christmas shopping trip for wall sconces (almost... I came to my senses!).  A woman who has rekindled her long lost love affair with all things creative.  Oh how happy I am to make her acquaintance!

But this post isn't entirely 'About Me' - more importantly - it's about who I would like to become.  Call them resolutions, call it constant evolution.  I've always loved how Charles du Bos put it:  'The important thing is this:  to be able at any moment to sacrifice what we are for what we could become.'

What I have (finally and thankfully) realized is that I can engage in my creative love affair and keep my relationship with work alive!  Happiness and security... it's so nice to have you back!

A preview of an upcoming before and after (Hey Tampa ~ Good thing we decided not to name you Waldo... could you be any more front and center in my shots?  Love ya!)

So here is where the next chapter begins.  I would love for you to follow along and help guide Chandelier No. 4 as I transition from dressing people to dressing homes... have a go at becoming an interior designer... and start another business venture to be announced later this year!

~ Joanna

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