Wednesday, March 3, 2010

Sunday Paper $2. Inspiration to Create a Dreamy Closet... Priceless.

Dressing is a lot like design... it's simply decorating your body instead of a room and the 'task' should be all about fun & glamour.  You know how you get so much more inspiration when you are working in a beautiful environment, perhaps a gorgeous office?  Well, I think we can dress even more fabulous if we feel like we're getting ready in a european boutique.

This week's Sunday paper was the first one I'd picked up in a while and I'm uber ecstatic about what was inside.  Why, you ask?  Because of these pretty mommas... and their bargain price!

Inexpensively priced gilded frames are not the easiest to come by (I've been looking!).  However these wonderfully ornate frames hardly set me back at all!  Michaels is having 50% off their entire frame collection this week... but wait... here's the best part:  They're taking an additional 25% off of your frame purchase with coupon!*

~ 16x20 Frame ~
$39.99 - 50% - 25% = $14.99

~ 11x14 Frame ~
$29.99 - 50% - 25% = $11.24

The lovely corner details are perfect for the look that I am wanting to achieve.

Originally planning to create customs closets, hubby and I quickly nixed the idea after we realized that the project would be much larger than anticipated and would entail replacing some walls as well as the floors.  Although deciding to mark it a project for 'later', I still have not been able to get the image of a sexy closet of out my mind.  Does anyone else understand my closet fascination, or am I alone on this one?

Well, I've come up with a closet redo, instead of a full-on reno, that will give me the same fabulous feeling a woman should have every day when she gets ready.  Since it was all about finding the right frames first, I'm not too far into the project yet ;)  I will be sure to post a before and after once it is finished though!

* 25% off coupon was in this past Sunday's paper and it was also e-mailed to customers who have signed up for promotions.  If you aren't registered, you can start receiving future deals by signing up here.


A wonderful reader sent me this pic and note yesterday in response to my post from last week (you can read it here):

Dear Chandelier No. 4,

Thank you for sharing the floral deal with us last week.  I checked with my Kroger and found out they do their markdowns on Mondays.  I stopped in yesterday and picked up this Hyacinth for only $4.  Fresh flowers will be a staple in my home from now on!

Thank you!!!

So happy to hear that someone else is going to be enjoying fresh florals at amazing prices too!  Would love to hear more stories of great bargains!  Be sure to check with your local grocery store if you haven't yet... and hurry into Michaels this week too!!!