Monday, January 11, 2010

Goodbye Rodeo... Aloha Maui!


Hubby and I are in Maui on a little vaca so, although I had still planned to keep in touch, the wireless internet has not been cooperating very well for me at our resort.

Hubby and I on our honeymoon in Maui.  (P.S.  Previous's not our honeymoon now :(

I just couldn't get my pool drink on until I gave you the Rodeo tour that I had promised.  (Oh, who am I kidding... 'May I have a pina colada?  Mahalo!'... it'll just add some extra flair to the post :)

Please accept my apology in advance for the poor images... the 'good' camera wouldn't fit into my handbag... and although I am totally game for sacrificing the cool factor for my groupies, fashion trumps blog all of the time!

Getting a tiny bit of a late start the other day (met up with a dear friend in the a.m. in addition to ramp closures and the usual L.A. traffic) landed me on the street of luxe around noon-ish.  Now noon may not seem like a late start to a typical shopping day, but Rodeo is so not typical.  The stores close relatively early and then there's the amount of ground to cover.  I don't mean blocks or streets...

Dayton Way is another great street to shop!

...I mean the good stuff.  Rodeo has an endless amount of selection the sexily drapes every sales floor and window toying with any self-control you think you may have.  Toss in a champagne lunch full of great people watching (the people listening is even better!) and you're down to only a few hours of prime shopping!

My first stop (and photo op!) was the Beverly Wilshire.  I'd like to say it was the first stop because of my #1 fan's request but, in all honesty, it's just where Victor dropped me off at.  And at the front of Rodeo, it's a pretty good place to start your walk.  (Note that they're the only daylight photos... shopping may have gotten in the way a bit, but I stuck around to click all of the promised pics!)

A classic marble and brass entry... timeless.

Looks kinda like the fire escape Mr. Gere (or Richard REAR as my naughty grandma used to call him) climbed up to rescue his princess doesn't it... was she living at the Reg Bev Wil all along?

Next it was on to the most important part of the trip... boutiques, boutiques and more boutiques!  It was such a fun day, full of great conversation and even more amazing shopping!

Prada boasts a 'doorless' entry, which creates a light and airy environment in an otherwise high-end store... definitely makes you want to stay all day!  With no storefront sign, you're sure to miss it if you don't know where it is!  (FYI, it's right next to Gucci :)

The doorless entry reminds me of a concept much used in Australia.  Many restaurants and flats offer windowed walls that fully open to the outside (more slide open, some fold).  We used to have ours open all of the time and plan to incorporate this design into a pool house one day.

After I got my fill of catching up and shopping, I took another stroll to admire the gorgeous architecture and ~ what else ~ chandeliers!

This Cartier chandy is reminiscent of the Queen Anne style, marked by its crystal arms.  I just love the power of its size... sure to catch your eye from stores and streets away.  A minimum 3-story entry would be needed to stylishly support this much chandelier.

Or how about this perfect mix of retro and glam.  Traditional crystal extended from a chic black frame.  In such alignment with the beautifully tailored yet funky Dolce and Gabbana style.

After I finally pulled myself out of the crystal trance, I headed back down the street to take a look at the Ferre building.  The late Gianfranco Ferre, best known for both his original take on fashion and his sophisticated white shirts, actually received his degree in architecture.  His love for design translated beautifully into perfectly tailored garments.  Which could be why so many interior designers have a love for personal style and make such great fashionistas too ;)

Sculptures, like this one that stands proudly in the middle of Rodeo and definitely becomes the focus, can create such a statement within a space.  A well chosen piece within an entryway can set the mood for your entire home.  Or add an unusual piece to a room for an element of surprise.  You can even go with a small sculpture and highlight it in a bookcase, on a shelf or on a table - which enables you to display a bold piece of art without an overly 'loud' effect.  Which look would you prefer:  An understated piece ~ perhaps small and ceramic ~ or a statement-making piece ~ such as a large entry or room centerpiece?

As my car was driving off and I was saying goodbye to such a gorgeous street, I caught a glimpse of design that I had just planned for my living room a few days ago - these two potted and well sculptured trees flanking Bvlgari, but soon to be framing our living room windows.  I think that it's such a sophisticated way to add an element of nature to your room.  Do you prefer the organic feeling of free-flowing plantation ~ or the clean-lined look of a well-groomed tree or shrub, such as a topiary?

Thank you for joining me on our Rodeo Drive walk.  I had a great time and left with lots of patent, some really cool snakeskin and even a little... BRASS!

Much love ~

Note:  Since obtaining wireless internet is a real challenge here, I will wait to post again until this weekend.  Be sure to catch the upcoming posts, as they will be full of BEFORE AND AFTERS!!!

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