Wednesday, January 20, 2010

Lesson Learned...

So you know how you think that you look really fab in something... and then you see a picture of yourself... and you go 'wtf was I thinking??'

Oh my dear dear Paris... 
Multiplying animal prints can be done, but it takes a lot of skill... or a really great stylist.  
Oh my, and the jacket... the shoes... 

Yep... it happens to the best of us... and apparently, not only when dressing our bodies.

Exhibit A

The 'after' from Tuesday's post.  If you missed it, you can see a lot more pics here.

Now, I know what you're saying... ' THAT super-chic pantry - what's wrong with it ;) '  Well, I do still love it... the organization, all of the canisters, the silver touches, and - of course - my new built-in wine fridge!  BUT... after looking at the pics of the shelves... I just feel like it's missing something.  Missing a bit of personality, you know, that statement accessory.

So, now I'm thinking of adding a bit of color and pattern to the mix.  I love the idea that Christy from suggested of papering the back walls of the shelves.  I was planning this same thing for my closet redo, but I can surely use it twice in my house, right?

I'm really loving this Racine wallpaper.  I think that the strong turquoise background with the velvet overly of emerald green is just so so chic.

If I go with this or something similar to this paper, I'll add some of our copper into the mix.  Copper and turquoise really appeal to me here.  Or perhaps I can achieve that color mix with a super-sexy (not beachy) coral and turquoise paper.  Hmmm.... copper or coral...

Mauviel copper champagne bucket (available at Williams Sonoma)... and Mr. Lobster, another Bayswiss purchase (in Australia)... oh ya, and more jars!

So, what's my hard-learned lesson here??  When in doubt (or not in doubt)... always TAKE A PIC.  And study it. There's just something about 2D that seems to show us what a space really looks like.  It may feel different and ultra fab in person (thanks to textures that can't always transition into photos)... but it will look like it does in the picture.  (Which tends to be much more honest than our eyes at portraying beauty and style.)  So, are your finished rooms the look you were going for?

Ahhhh.... thanks for letting me have a look back in 2D and have a little laugh!  As always... the tufted green chair loves loves loves your comments and ideas.

Ok... gotta go click away... feel free to send me any of your pics as well!



  1. Ooh I'm so glad I left that comment then! And I really like that pattern too - and I would absolutely say you can use in two places in your house. Adds cohesion to your design plan!

    You could use wrapping paper too - good solid paper from a store like Papyrus, with some glue all over the back, would probably work just as good as wallpaper and be a lot less expensive! (I'm all about trying to save my pennies these days.)

    And yeah, that photo of Paris - wtf is right! ha!

  2. Oh wow, that wallpaper is fantastic!!!! Just what the pantry is calling for! And I agree, turquoise looks fab with copper!

  3. LOL @ the Paris Hilton pic!

    In regards to your pantry - I totally agree that design behind the shelves would look awesome! I have a walk-in storage closet that is giving me the same confusion!

  4. Oh Paris, no no no. Love adding a paper!!!

  5. that Racine wallpaper made my heart skip a beat!