Sunday, February 14, 2010

Happy (Last Minute) Valentine's Day!

Who doesn't love Godiva?  I mean really, their chocolate is to-die for... especially their dipped strawberries... yum!  But up to $7 each... Really?

Enter DIY version.  Hubby and I are making a formal dinner tonight for Vday and I thought that chocolate covered strawberries + champagne would be a light dessert.  (We're definitely not ones to skimp on the steak and shrimp to save room for dessert.  Ever.)

So ~ in case you are in need of a last minute 'sweet' gift ~ here's the no-hassle, 10 minute, $4 solution.  An especially great fix for that awkward "I really believed the 'let's not do gifts this year' discussion!"  (Note:  This was NOT a problem in our household... Hubby stuck to the rule... I didn't get my zebra rug, or wallpaper, or oversized mirror, or fuchsia throw (I know!!!  That would have been perfect for Vday!).  I'm not really complaining though, I actually love that we've never been into 'gift-giving' for Vday.

Ok... Grab your strawberries and chocolate.
(Any chocolate will do.)
Wash and dry berries.

Melt chocolate in double boiler.

No double boiler... no worries.
I used this fab alternative for years. 
Ceramic heat-safe bowl + pot + simmering water.
(Santa just brought me my fancy upgrade this Christmas :)

Refrigerate until set.

Ready for a romantic evening in about 15 min flat.

And it doubles as an uber-cheap centerpiece.  Score.

Ok... gonna go bring the extras to the neighbors.  And then it's back to hubby + me time.  Whatever you do today ~ I hope it's fab, yummy and fun!  

(P.S.  I know that choco covered berries aren't rocket science... thanks for reading anyway :)

Until next time ~


  1. That looks amazing! My strawberries never look that perfect! x

  2. i don't care if it's not rocket science — i've never made these because getting out the double boiler seemed too much of a hassle... now that i know your secret i might be more inclined to give it a go!

  3. Ummmm!!!! Will you be MY neighbor!!? Those are insanely beautiful, and I bet even tastier than the Godiva version because you made 'em!