Monday, February 22, 2010

A 'Fresh' New Secret... Shhhhh!

Last week I stopped into Kroger (local grocery store) for a quick OJ purchase.  This could have been the first time that I've ever gone into the grocery store for only one thing... it's not exactly my very favorite place to shop :)

Well, my karma must have been great that day because it led me into the store for my measly little purchase and down the aisle to the most fab deal ever.  Carts were loaded with discounted ~ way discounted ~ flowers.  I'm talking about a dozen roses for $1.50 and large bouquets of lilies or snapdragons for only 50 cents!  After sifting through the beautiful stems and giving most of my selections away to the other deal seekers (my enthusiasm seemed to quickly draw a crowd), this was the beauty that stole my heart:

I have been wanting to add a touch of fuchsia to our living room and, since the perfect throw has yet to be found, this gorgeous number will do the trick for now.  Pot included and originally priced at $29.99, it had been marked down to only $4.  Hydrangeas are one of my favorites ~ we even used them in our wedding bouquets.  Now let's just hope that I can keep her alive!  

Of course I had to head over to the counter and enquire the why's and the when's of this sale.  The florist said that there was nothing wrong with the flowers and that they had to disinfect the floral department twice a week which required them to mark down the flowers.  Upon further questioning, (I know I know... how annoying :) I learned that this takes place every Thursday and Sunday at our local Kroger!

Fresh flowers in every room for only dollars a week?  Now that is this black thumb's kind of bargain!  The next time you're in the grocery, you should ask them if they do the same.  And be sure to tell all of your besties... just not the whole town ;)


  1. Wow that is a great find! Next time I'm at my grocery store I'm going see if they do the same thing!

  2. Loving the hot pink hydrangea!! And what a deal!! I am going to have to ask my grocery store if they do the same thing. Thanks for the tip!!

  3. I love splashes of hot pink in a room! What a great way to grow your can eventually plant outside and it will thrive! Hydrangeas are so beautiful!

  4. Like everyone else I can't wait to check with my Kroger! I need a hint of spring here in Indiana.

    P.S. L-O-V-E the new signature ;)

  5. Thank you so so much for the tip! I'm DEFINITELY doing this!!!

  6. Perfect, I love hydrangeas!! My favorite. I will have to check on this kind of bargain!


  7. That sure brightens up your home, along with those yummy chocolate covered strawberries. I am going to make some for the kids for an after school treat!

  8. You're lucky!! I just happened to be in my grocery store yesterday to pick up some flowers. They were throwing them away. They were not giving or selling the surplus away even after I commented on the waste of it.